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Ms. Carroll is well known for her recording years with M-G-M Records in the late 50's and 60's having recorded approximately 15 singles and several L.P. albums on the M-G-M label and later for RCA Victor.  She entered the recording field after a very successful career as an outstanding showgirl in New York's iconic nightclub, the COPACABANA and subsequently as production singer for the famed LATIN QUARTER. Both venues launched the careers of many top performers such as Tony Bennett and Dean Martin while the headlining acts were invariably the creme de la creme du jour of their profession; Garland, Sinatra, Durante, The Supremes. Needless to say the clientele were no less themselves members of the glitterati ....Liz Taylor and Mike Todd (pre Fisher & Burton), Dietrich, Monroe. However, it was the gorgeous showgirls in scant costumes of fur and feathers who were the real eye-candy and Toni Carroll, in her formative-entertainment early years, was indeed one of these lovely impeccably postured self-confident beauties standing 5' 9" with an enviable hourglass figure (39-24-38) who would later be added to the M-G-M roster along with Connie Francis, Joni James and Tommy Edwards.  Being a former Miss Missouri from her home-state a few years earlier probably proved good preparation.


As her solo-singing career rapidly progressed and her single releases climbed the music charts she started to appear on local TV shows in the New York, Philadelphia and Toronto markets along with teen favorites like Bobby Darin, Fabian and Frankie Avalon. Before long she'd be on American Bandstand being introduced by Dick Clark on national TV.  This lead to more recordings followed by her nightclub act which would have her appearing in top hotel headlining rooms across the Americas and eventually in London where the red carpet was literally rolled out upon her trans-Atlantic arrival. the Brits loved her and Toni's image was on the front page of the many town's tabloids. She had been slated for a 2-week appearance at the May Fair Hotel in London but held over indefinitely.  Soon, South America would beckon and Rio de Janerio was the hotspot.  Soon enough she'd be on another national TV show..this time it was the Tonight Show where she'd sing and pal around with baseball greats, Joe Garagiola and Yogi Berra, who happened to come from the same Italian neighborhood in St. Louis as Toni known as The Hill.


Today, Toni leads a very active life and is forming a production company on New York's cable network with her talented husband, Dr. Philip Terman. Philip is an accomplished musician and both he and Toni often entertain at the Friars Club on E55th St in NYC.

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