My "Oil" Story! - Ask, Believe and Receive.

Would you believe this gorgeous woman used her mind to become an oil tycoon, president of her own oil company and even owned a ship!  Toni Carrol made up her mind she wanted money to give back, so she used the power of her mind to hit oil five times. Toni’s story is a great example for all of us on how we can use our minds to change our lives for the better. We all have this power. If you ask Toni how she did it, she will say she worked at it. She spent several hours a day praying and meditating.  

Toni's first Edgar Cayce book was THERE IS A RIVER by Tom Segrue.  Toni used what she had learned in Virginia Beach from the Edgar Cayce readings and concentrated on what she wanted. Toni had made up her mind she had a goal. She wanted to give money to the Edgar Cayce Library in Virginia Beach and help make para psychology more mainstream.  

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Toni's ship, the Assinaboia

This is oil man Ralph Brady with Toni Carroll.  Ralph was Toni's mentor and partner in her spiritual Journey in Ontario, Canada.

Toni would psychically discover areas on which to drill and hit oil THREE times!!!

The name of Toni's oil company, Angelis, came to her psychically.